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Psychoeducational Assessment

A psychoeducational assessment is a thorough evaluation of learning profile. It may include information about learning style, information processing, IQ, memory, and/or  academic skills, etc..  

 It is tailored to your needs. It is for all ages from approximately age 5 to senior adult.  It is for  individuals who have no weaknesses and are doing well, or for those with learning weaknesses. For those with no weaknesses, assessment information may assist improving performance even further. For those experiencing difficulties it may assist identifying the problem, and a diagnosis may result such as for learning disabilities, A-D/HD, cognitive deficits, memory deficits, etc..  A psychoeducational assessment is often required by many schools or agencies to determine eligibility for program accommodations and modifications such as extra time for tests and exams, special education programming, funding, etc..and at all levels of education from primary grades to post secondary. A psychoeducational assessment provides a wealth of information not limited only to school performance. It may help us understand how we process information and to what complexity. It may be another source of information about how we function and cope in a variety of settings either at school, work or elsewhere. It is  for all ages. A psychoeducational assessment provides information to assist reaching one's potential.  

How Can a  Psychoeducational Assessment Help?  

1) Assist Determining Eligibility for:  

  • a) Special Education programs
  • b) Identification Placement Review Committee ( IPRC)
  • c) Individual Educational Plan (IEP)
  • d) Program accommodations and/or program modifications
  • d) College or university  program assistance ( e.g., extra time for exams, etc.)
  • e)Support/assistance  if an intellectual deficit or   memory deficit is present.

2) Assist Planning For:

  • a) College and University program selection
  • b) Career search

3) Assist Self Growth and Self Discovery by Answering Some Basic Questions such as:

  • a) How strong is my IQ?
  • b) How strong is my memory?
  • c)  How strong is my concentration, focus and attention span? Do I have A-D/HD or ADD?
  • d) How strong are my skills for: listening comprehension, oral expression, reading, writing, math, spelling,  etc.?  
  • e) Am I gifted?
  • f) Do I have a learning disability?
  • g) etc., Please call for more information.
Areas of Assessment 

  • Learning Disability diagnosis  
  • Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder (A-D/HD) ( attention span, hyperactivity &/or impulsitvity) diagnosis 
  • Gifted
  • IQ
  • Intellectual disability
  • Memory
  • Information processing
  • Motivation
  • Academic skills
  • Learning Style
  • Confidence
  • performance anxiety
  • fear of failure
  • Difficulties with tests and exams
  • Difficulties with reading, writing, math, listening comprehension, or oral expression, etc..
  • Underachievement
  • 'Slow Learner'
  • assistance for some career choices
  • assistance for choosing some post secondary programs
Who Is an Assessment For?

  • Ages: approximately age 5 to senior adult
  • Students of all grades from elementary to college and university 
  • For  those already in a career or searching for a career and want information about their learning profile, learning potential, etc.. 
  • For adults curious to determine their IQ,  if they have A-D/HD or a learning disability, etc..